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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Chandra Levy's remains have been found. The bumbling D.C. police have finally gotten a break in the case. Just as it was looking as if, since Columbo is a fictional character and therefore most likely unavailable, I'd have to go down there myself and investigate the disappearance. I mean, did the police check this park for her body or what?

According to the Washington Post, Levy searched a Web site for the Klingle Mansion in Rock Creek Park on the day she disappeared. Her body was found a mile from the mansion. Did someone call her to arrange a rendezvous there and then murder her and bury the body? That would make the crime premeditated. I wonder what color Gary Condit's (a.k.a., Mason Verger from "Hannibal." Anyone else notice the resemblance?) tighty whities are right now.

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