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Friday, June 28, 2002

I like the good people at Laughing Squid, who provide the Bay area with the Squid List of events artistic, but sometimes they get a little daffy with their rhetoric. In promoting the screening of the film, "Roberto Zucco: A Portrait of a Serial Killer", they have this to say: "Roberto Zucco chronicles the bizarre, surreal and often hilarious journey into the life of one of France's most notorious criminal minds." This unironical statement prompted the following review from the Notorious B.O.B. with sidecar support from AcK --

"HYSTERICAL!! 4 STARS!! Zucco was truly one of the great comic minds of our generation or any other!!!" - Charles Manson

"Take my wife, please! But do NOT take my Zucco!" - Ted Bundy

"Soon you will die ... FROM LAUGHTER!" - John Wayne Gacy

"I haven't laughed this hard since I sawed my fifth victim's head off!" - The Zodiac Killer

And these are just a few of the enthusiastic reviews that have greeted this summer's zaniest comedy!

Larry King said: "Robert Zuckerman is a laugh riot. He's almost as funny as 'The King of Queens!'"

For more hysterical information, try: http://www.crimelibrary.com/serialkillers.htm

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