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Monday, July 29, 2002

The intransigent jeff raines picture and background continue to load sporadically if at all, but that's alright, there's an interface overhaul coming down the pike early this week.

"Crank Yankers" has ceased to be funny.

The newly refurbished Union Square was reopened with a ceremony last week here in San Francisco. I wonder how much time (hours) elapsed before a homeless person took a dump in it. We've got a homeless problem out here, make no mistake about it. Supervisor Gavin Newsom (young handsome slicked-hair member of SF's socio-economic elite, married to Kimberly Guilfoyle, Latina hottie (former lingerie model) and current D.A. whom you may have seen in the media as assistant counsel in the dog-mauling case. Newsom was best man at Bill Getty's (heir to the Getty oil fortune) wedding before the two had a nasty falling out) has floated a plan regarding the homeless that'll be a ballot measure this fall. Some view the proposal to be draconian. Either way, it's not going to work. It'll just sink into the political quagmire like all the other ideas that are thrown out there every two years. The big thing about the proposition is it'll be a test of Newsom's political clout and popularity, since he's a rising star who's planning a run for mayor. There are those who see him as a pampered dick, but when I was working as a reporter covering City Hall he always struck me as a nice guy who always took the time to listen to constituents even if he didn't agree with them. And I'm talking even the loud, obnoxious and disruptive idiots at Act Up (who promulgate the HIV does not cause AIDS conspiracy theory). I don't know. I'm no scientist. Maybe HIV doesn't cause AIDS, but there seems to be an awfully large correlation between the two. Has anyone ever had AIDS who was HIV negative?

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