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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Oh well, I was sucked back into serious for a moment. But it won't last, I promise. The question: how can someone so smart be so stupid?

First of all, I smell a strong pro-Israel bias emanating from Ben Shapiro, who obviously has never been laid. (Hint to Ben: trawl the UCLA fraternity parties late-night in search of girl who might not be repulsed by the prospect of hooking up with you.)

Second: there is no difference between "casualties from collateral damage and casualties from deliberate slaughter" if collateral damages become intentional damages, ie, if the policy of the military becomes that collateral damages are wholly acceptable and not to be deliberately avoided.

Third: I love it when Conservatives justify actions against the Taliban because the Taliban oppresses women. Women got their rights in America by scratching and clawing over the opposition of, you guessed it, America's reactionary white, male establishment. And let me take a stab, Ben, you champion of women's rights: you're anti-Abortion, aren't you?

One last error in Mr. Shapiro's reasoning. He says this about America's military efforts: "this is a war to save humanity from the barbarity of fundamentalist Islam." No, it's not. Not all fundamentalist Muslims are terrorists, just like not all Christian fundamentalists are abortion clinic bombers. How can you matriculate UCLA at 16 and be so sloppy with basic logic? Not all A are B. It's very simple. We are ostensibly at war with terrorists who are Muslim, not with the entire Muslim world, something that old George W. Bush made perfectly clear in his first major address to the nation post Sept. 11.

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