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Monday, July 22, 2002

Saw "Crocodile Hunter" last night and it was not very good. What can you do. Typed up a brief review which I'll post here if I don't get a bite, the same with a review of the Robert Randolph show that I sent to Jambands.com/Relix just for the fuck of it.
A reader brought to my attention that, in panning "Sexy Beast," I neglected to mention that Ben Kingsley is, in fact, amazing in his role as Joe Something, Joe Longo?
Ann Coulter's book "Slander" is the number one best seller nationally on the non-fiction list. When this country needs a radical shift in perception to address the hostility we face abroad, the fact that people are nibbling at her untruths is highly distressing. Michael Moore's "Stupid White Men" trails Coulter in the number three slot, I believe. Moore is many things but a good writer is not one of them. He's also been accused recently of playing fast and loose with the facts. Regardless, his ideas are less dangerous to the public than Coulter's. Moore, despite his flaws, promotes a healthy skepticism and a root for the underdog mentality. Coulter's ideas promote ignorance and she has never met the underdog.

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