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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Notice how George W. Bush tends to spend a lot of time making fun of the people around him? There was further evidence of this in the AP article earlier this week in which a reporter spent a morning following him around. He likes to bust people's balls but, according to the reporter, tends for some reason to be immune to teasing himself.

Joe Sconnal, The New Aide: "Hello, Mr. President. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir."
Dubya: "Hey there, Sconny. So you're gonna be in charge of scarin' up votes for us in the Mid-West in 2004, huh?"
Sconnal: "Yes, Sir, that's right."
Dubya: "And I hear you have a small penis."
Sconnal: (shaken) "Sir?"
Dubya: "Don't try a comeback, now, Pensky. I'm the Commander-in-Chief."

Moving along, I was in Blockbuster earlier tonight. Circle the correct answer: It is a good/very very bad indication of the state of Dean Cain's career that he starred in the sorely needed scary snake movie, "Boa."

Apparently "Anaconda" did not completely satiate the public's demand for films about killer 40-foot constrictors that are capable of cobra-quick movements terrorizing B-list actors.

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