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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Jesse Jackson needs to lighten up. Not that that's news to anyone. So what if there are jokes about Martin Luther King Jr.'s marital infidelity in "Barbershop"? It's fucking true, isn't it? No doubt Jackson likes the cozy myth of King-as-saint because it validates his existence, since he was one of King's right-hand men. God forbid there be any thought-provoking ideas regarding King or Rosa Parks or any other hero circulating within the black community. Film-makers are not supposed to be in the myth-building business, unless they're Ron Howard, that is.

Check out Peter Gabriel! I can barely recognize him.

The Bucs beat the Rams tonight. Warren Sapp has probably been waiting his entire life for the shot he laid on Warner at the end of Brooks' clinching interception return for a touchdown. He destroyed him. Keyshawn Johnson had better watch out messing with Gruden like he did. First, he got in Gruden's personal space on the sideline, no doubt complaining that the ball didn't come his way during the Bucs' final offensive possession, with the Rams having pulled to within 19-14. Then, after the INT rendered their discussion moot and with the victory sealed, Grudes went over to him and cleared the air, gave him a hug etc., but Johnson still looked like he had a bug up his ass. Do not mess with Grudes, that's all I have to say. Do not violate his personal space. He is a man who believes revenge is a dish best served cold.

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