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Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Oops. When I went off on Ed Epstein's article in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday on Rumsfeld's testimony regarding the abuses in Abu Ghraib, I made an error.

I quaked with rage when I read the story last Thursday/Friday, but went away for the weekend before posting about it. When I did finally write something, I didn't reread the piece, figuring I'd already read it, but it turns out in my initial reading I missed one sentence in which he said precisely what I excoriated him for not saying: "Later disclosures said there were 20 practices on the approved list of techniques, but the Abu Ghraib abuse went well beyond what was permitted."

My apologies to Mr. Epstein, though I doubt any of you out there actually took me up on my suggestion to email him and call him a toady.

In which case, I wasn't saying they should call you a "toady," Ed. I was urging them to raise their glasses in a "toasty" to your journalistic acumen.

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