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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

This guy is out of line

Stephen Schwartz, an angry and bitter man, is trashing Hunter Thompson in the Weekly Standard not two days after his death.

He gets so many things wrong, it's laughable, from the idea that Thompson didn't influence anyone to the probable cause of Thompson's death ("The incident might even have been accidental, brought on by one of Thompson's self-storied flings into the ingestion of garbage drugs. Who knows?" -- uh, probably not) to his view of the American counter culture.

This guy must be death-in-a-turtleneck at a cocktail party and Lord knows he's had his troubles getting laid. This is the revenge of the uncool on the cool once the cool is safely out of earshot if I've ever seen it. And it's so much more. What an ignorant, offensive man.

Here's the letter to the editor I just sent to the Standard:

"Stephen Schwartz's bilious commentary on the passing of Hunter Thompson is both ignorant and offensive. Schwartz gets his facts so wrong it's like he's trying, e.g. his suggestion that Thompson has not had a lasting influence on American writers, a proposition that is laughable. Thompson, writing with madness and truth, left a far greater legacy than Schwartz himself could ever hope to leave.

"This is the ultimate revenge of the uncool against the cool (and I'm talking about attitude here -- moxie -- not drugs), committed once the cool is safely out of the building. Schwartz, a small and timid man, was no doubt frightened by the counter culture of the '60s. Now that the threatening era has passed he feels it is safe enough for him to peek his head outside and shout his epithets into the wind."

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