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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ann Coulter Brouhaha

Can I just say that Ann Coulter a) is not that good-looking and b) almost certainly has an eating disorder?

I haven't read the TIME piece yet, though I'm about to, but I have leafed through the photos of her in the article (there are others, though mostly headshots, at her Web site). Just look at the woman's arms, legs and face. Her legs are impossibly skinny, too skinny. Her arms are needles. And, as far as her face, she is Skeletor, and one reason her face is so bony, gaunt and angular may be that aforementioned eating disorder.

[UPDATE: This photo here is Coulter in her natural state, before she began starving herself. Kinda cute, but there's a touch of homeliness, which she probably hated about herself, and which she's attempting to starve out of existence.]

It's funny how she's considered attractive largely because she scans as blonde (utter dye job) and thin (starves herself). There are moments where she appears kind of attractive, but there are many more where she doesn't. Her face is capable of some prettiness, but she needs to put on at least 10 pounds for it to shine through.

Anyway, one of the myths being promulgated in this TIME piece is that Coulter's totally okay because she's, like, just kidding, kind of! Another is that she's good-looking.

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