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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pootie Poot

These photos of Vladimir Putin are hilarious. Check out the whole slide show attached to the article. They would make for a good caption contest -- you know, on a site that had actual traffic.

Who among us does not enjoy a totally spontaneous, shirtless horseback ride, man-boobs jostling under the hot Siberian sun? Suck in the gut, flex the pecs. Suck in the gut, flex the pecs. And ... look left. That's right. Keep it natural. Perfect!

Putin got to enjoy some of his favorite activities on this relaxing trip: swimming, fishing, horse-poisoning ...

"Have the Dalai Lama killed."
"But sir, that isn't the ... "
"Do as I say!"

Every time I come across Putin news, I think back to George W. Bush's proclamation that he'd looked into Putin's eyes and gotten a sense of his soul. Can you imagine the delight that Putin felt as the former KGB spook realized he could play the U.S. president like a cheap fiddle? Here's a visual representation of Bush getting a glimpse of Putin's soul. That would be Bush on the right.

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