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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fallon on the Emmys

This was actually pretty funny. Steve Carrell sure liked it. Kevin Kline seemed bemused.

Two other quick thoughts:

-- Great to see Michael Emerson win for his work as Ben Linus on "Lost," one of my all-time favorite TV or movie characters.

-- No offense to Cherry Jones, who seemed like a lovely and charming woman in her acceptance speech, but I thought her performance as President Alison Taylor last season on "24" was kind of terrible, certainly not deserving of an award. The whole season was a mess, and the franchise needs to be put to sleep, so maybe that clouds my judgment, but I found her performance painfully stiff and the whole character misbegotten, from conception to execution, like they set out to create Dianne Feinstein, only with less personality.

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