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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bad day for the New York Times editorial page

Both Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman responded to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize by taking a trip to Fantasyland, with Dowd imagining a conversation between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and Freidman going with that tried-and-true, surefire winner, "Here's the speech I'd like Person X to make."

Shorter Friedman -- "Obama should accept the Nobel Peace Prize by glorifying all the wars America has fought."

Granted, not all wars are the same, and America's involvement in World War II, for instance, could be considered "peacekeeping" insofar as it was necessary to turn back a threat to world order, but the idea that Obama would extol the virtues of the American mission in Iraq while accepting a peace prize is inane, especially seeing as how Friedman himself has acknowledged that the U.S. invaded and destroyed Iraq for that most noble of reasons -- "because we could."

What a specimen this guy is. Tom Friedman's intellectual blind spots are so big I think they may exert a gravitational force.

Shorter Dowd --"Glarbleglarblesnarksnarkurgleburgleblahblahsnurg

UPDATE: My commie bona fides are burnished! The World Socialist Web Site -- in an article that is quite good, all joking aside -- shares my take on Friedman's column. And Matt Taibbi has some good insights on Obama's win:

Like for instance, we invade Iraq for whatever asinine reason was actually behind that decision, we stay there for, oh, seven years or whatever, and eventually it starts to occur to us that this is an extraordinarily expensive activity, pisses off everyone involved, destabilizes a whole region ... So eventually someone will make the decision that this whole Iraq war thing is stupid, benefits no one, not even politically in the short term, and moves will be made to wrap up this idiotic business and bring everyone home. At which point someone making this dreary logistical decision will get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and that someone will probably win it, allowing us all to bask in the glow of our “peace-loving” values which prevailed in the end over hate and violence.

That’s how this thing works. We ebb toward war most of the time. But sometimes, out of necessity, or when we run out of bullets, we ebb the other way. And it’s then that we give ourselves awards for our peace-loving behavior.

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