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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Did anyone read the San Francisco Chronicle's front page article Monday (reprinted from the Washington Post) about Bush's remarks on Pakistan? At the end, there's four paragraphs with the sub-heading "Bush Jet-Lagged, Testy." Read it. I'm waiting for him to have a full breakdown one of these days at a news conference. Nearly three months after Sept. 11, Bush is still getting a free pass and his idiocy is largely being buried. Fuck that. Also, according to Leah Garchik's "The In Crowd" in the Datebook section of the Chronicle, and I'm going to have to email Leah and ask her if she is yanking major chain here, Bush calls Russian President Vladimir Putin "Pootie-Poot." To his face, apparently. In fact, Bush informed a group of reporters last week that he told Putin, "I told Pootie-Poot: Let's Roll. We're going to hit a hole in one against terra.*" Alright, that last quote I made up.

*In the Bush lexicon, there is no third "r" in "terror." It's pronounced, "terra," as in terra firma.

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