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Monday, May 20, 2002

So far, my favorite songs on Trey Anastasio's debut solo album are the bouncing blues "Cayman Review" and the ballad "Drifting." The first song on the album, "Alive Again," has been released as a single, but I have to quibble with the choice. The song works live and it sounds fine on the album but, as a single that is going to be distributed into the mainstream, its message is on the preachy side and reminiscent of what Dave Matthews has already pounded home repeatedly. Also, the chorus, with its half-step descents, sounds suspiciously like Phish's "Moma Dance." I think that, if it were done right, a video of "Drifting" could actually put a dent in MTV's charts. But that's just my opinion. Regardless, Trey is the man and you should all go to www.treyanastasio.com (having problem with the link), where you can listen to the entire album, and then go out and buy it.

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