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Thursday, July 18, 2002

Bronx cheers and whistles of derision to Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, one of my favorite shows on TeeVee, for keeping the kid gloves on with conservative pundit and certified retard Ann Coulter last night. Stewart played nice to the point of toadying, which yielded one positive result: Coulter came off as bland and without much to say. Because she thrives on precisely what she accuses liberals of doing in her stupid book "Slander" and that is fiery but empty rhetoric and name-calling. If you don't challenge her to a fight, she has nothing to say. She's not actually interested in talking about what conservatives believe in (because what they believe in boils down to so precious little -- keep your hands off my money, um, I kin shoot my gun whenever I damn well please, damn gubment tree-huggers tryin' take away my manho...er, livelihood, and keep your hands off my money). Regardless, I expected Stewart to do more than expound his avant garde theory that politics these days is no longer about conservatives vs. liberals but about moderates vs. extremists. I guess Limbaugh coined the term "feminazi" in reference to feminists but Coulter is a true feminazi, a misplaced soul who belongs to a time when all the Hitler Youth could march proudly through the Doerfer (towns) and Staedte (cities), heads and right arms held high and, in the latter case, extended forward. See how short her skirt was? Ooo so sexy. Yeah, I bet she must be a real wild woman in bed. Men who would (a) be attracted to and want to date her and (b) not be repelled by political discussion over dinner with her wouldn't know how to fuck if their lives depended on it.

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