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Thursday, August 08, 2002

What a gorgeous day in mean ol' Frisco: the wind and kite surfers (have you seen kite surfers? insane) were going off down at Crissy Field on a strangely hot afternoon. I wish I'd had a camera. It would have been a great picture with all the colorful sails and sailboats on the bay framed by the Golden Gate Bridge.

I'm deeply concerned by the seemingly endless pool of contestants for television's "Elimidate." This is what the so-called War on Terrorism is protecting? Something needs to be done.

Attack dog Gray Davis has all but but eviscerated and consumed the entrails of his third major victim, Republican gubernatorial challenger Bill Simon (one of those guys who you only need to take one look at and you know: Republican. That hair-helmet self-satisfied narrow-eyed incredibly uncool businessman vibe, you know), who follows in the footsteps of Dan Lungren and former L.A. mayor Richard Riordan. I bet Calif.'s registered Republicans are regretting their mind-bogglingly stupid decision to nominate Bill Simon over Riordan in the primary (which was largely the result of the Davis campaign's airing attack ads against Riordan during the other party's primary). Gray Davis does it with the gloves off, man. Ruthless. He's a cantankerous canker sore. A nasty, vituperative ferret.

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