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Friday, September 13, 2002

I guess I took Sept. 11 off. That's alright. What's the line from Fellini's 8 1/2 by Daumier? Here it is: "There are already too many superfluous things in the world. Better to remain silent than to add more disorder to disorder." That's my paraphrase of the shooting script, which differs from and is not as good as the subtitles you'll see if you rent the movie. A pet peeve of mine that I share with ... someone?

Bill Clinton was masterful during his appearance for the entire duration of Letterman. Oh man. Bush on 60 Minutes II was, well, Bush. Whaddya gonna do? Dick Cheney, Tom Tomorrow informs me, spent part of the 11th on Birge Barlow, er, Rush Limbaugh's show. That's because he's a uniter, not a divider, right? Way to go asshole. I'm celebrating my American pride and right of free speech right now by saying Dick Cheney can go fuck himself in each of his crusty orifices.

Go read Tom Tommorow's blog and revel in the nightmarish quagmire that is our plan to invade Iraq. How about putting weapons inspectors back in first? At a time when the American debate on our role in the world and how to achieve stability needs to be as vigorous as it has ever been in our history, sanity does not seem to be prevailing.

I'm almost ready to write about the Philadelphia Eagles again, following the second-half debacle on Sunday. Stay tuned for that.

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