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Monday, September 23, 2002

Postgame Report: Eagles 44 - Cowgirls 13 Now that was a thorough ass-kicking. What a great game. I didn't see all of it, because I was at the home of a friend with the Direct TV NFL Ticket package, he's a Dolphins fan and so we flipped back and forth. Reid was great and aggressive with his play-calling, including the halfback option pass for a TD to Pinkston and the fake field goal. Donovan was amazing. Darwin Walker is playing fantastically great. I think he has two sacks already plus a fumble recovery and that's a good three-game sack total for a D tackle. He has really stepped up, considering the injuries on the D line to Derrick Burgess and Hollis Thomas. Sheldon Brown decimated Reggie Swinton on that short pass attempt towards the end of the game. A real cringe-inducer. Special teams gave up a return for a TD for a second straight week and need to get straightened out.

Think about this. The Eagles, in beating the Redskins and Cowboys in the span of six days, outscored them by a combined total of 81 to 20. Subtract the Jacquez Green punt return TD and Swinton's kickoff return TD, that's 81 to 6. And next up are the Houston Texans, with rookie QB David Carr. Do you think defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, the blitz maniac, might bring some heat at the rookie? Good Lord. We're so damned good when we're clicking. The Super Bowl season is back on track.

I like the Eagles' new TD celebration, which Donovan did against the 'Skins and Pinkston did today, where they squash something into a ball with their hands, almost in a Tai Chi way, like they're focusing their Chi into an energy ball. But I'm just a simple white man. I don't know for sure.

Donovan is really breaking out the Brett Favre eccentric quarterback package. First, last week, he has the "what's up with that?" head-scratcher with his right arm, which he plainly appeared to be grasping, as if in pain, after throws. Asked about it after the game, he claimed he had no idea he was doing it. Then today he broke out the borderline-superfluous fake on the option play where Westbrook threw to Pinkston for the TD. As Donovan swept right with Westbrook, he began at the end to motion to Westbrook "Come this way" in an attempt to sell the play as a run. It was actually pretty heads-up but I'm reminded of Brett Favre's moves on running plays where he pretends to throw the ball after handing it off to make the defense think it's play action (sometimes he even does a hook shot), though any defender who's ever been faked out by that has probably moved on from football to career option number two by now.

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