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Monday, September 09, 2002

Well, the honeymoon with the Eagles is over, after they blew a 24-10 halftime lead and lost 27-24 to the Titans. Shut it down, baby. Pack it up. I hear the Woskeegan Wampum Tossers of the Minnesota Penal League are a team to watch this year. Maybe I can jump on that bandwagon. Or perhaps cultivate an interest in racquetball.

What are the headlines going to be in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this morning after Dewayne Rudd single-handedly threw away the Browns' victory against the Chiefs by taking off his helmet and throwing it in celebration while the final play of the game, unbeknownst to him, was still in progress?

-- "Dud Rudd Muddies Browns' Opening Effort"
-- "Note to Self: Don't Lose Game for Team in Final Seconds with Boneheaded Gaffe"
-- "Costly Personal Fouls on the Final Play Tend to Undermine the Victory Effort -- My Two Cents"
-- "Big Dumb Idiot Ruins Everything"
-- "I Lost All My Savings on the Browns Game; By the Way, Do You Happen to Know Where Dewayne Rudd Lives? -- One Fan Sounds Off "
-- "My Murderous Intentions Toward Dewayne Rudd -- A Fan's Testimonial"
-- "Rudd 'Looking Forward' to New Job as Butt Plug Inspector"
-- "Silent Stares of Hatred from Teammates Cannot Dampen Spirits of Jubilant Rudd"
-- "Rudd Still Not Sure What All the Fuss is About"

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