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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I was checking out Ari Fleischer's web page, where the transcripts of his press briefings, among other things, are stored. He was asked yesterday about gun control in light of the sniper who is terrorizing the D.C. area with a high-powered rifle. Fleischer mentioned many of the things Bush has done in terms of gun control, including a "semi-automatic assault weapons ban for juveniles," even though "not all of these are positions popular with the NRA." Holy fucking shit! What a brave stand Bush is taking! That is incredible. I mean, I never thought that Tek-9's and AK-47's in the hands of teenagers might be a bad idea!

Also, I've taken to listening to Rush Limbaugh in the morning from time to time (560-AM in SF) so as to get the word directly from the horse's ass/mouth. Today he blamed the decay of the black nuclear family on coddling liberals during the Great Society who encouraged black women to have children out of wedlock. One trait of his I've noticed is how when he comes back from commercials he often acts like he's in mid-banter with some of his producers/etc, a trick that he probably learned from Howard Stern. But it's so obviously affected, a phony attempt at "being natural." On Howard Stern, which is basically a casual talk format, there is really very little transition between on- and off-air conversation. But Limbaugh's program is a very serious deal. He also goes to commercial about every three minutes, as far as I can tell. He recovered from being donkey-punched by Al Franken. I think it's time for another.

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