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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I just got the latest newsletter from The Ghosts and they sound as merry as ever. I'm going to reprint it here for your edification. I'm sure our jolly undead friends won't mind:

Dear Ungrateful Fucks,

Ok, many of you have properly kissed our rock star asses and have attended our shows and bought our crap, but not enough of you. We know this because we still have some crap left to sell. We put a new CD out almost two weeks ago and some of you have the fucking gall to not even own it yet. You can get them at Amoeba
Records on Haight in SF or you can buy them right out of our hot hands at a show, it's not like it's all that fucking difficult.

What the fuck, how do you expect us Ghosts to exist in a cold capitalist society without more cash? You think liquor grows on trees? Why you think we gotta exploit our nasty streetwalking bitches like we do? It's your fault. But you can get those poor girls off the street by coming to these shows and buying more of our crap:

Wednesday Nov. 13
El Rio, San Francisco
8:30pm - Stereo Steve
9:00pm - Leavenworth
9:45pm - Ass Baboons
10:30pm - The Ghosts

Friday Nov. 15
Thee Parkside, 1600 17th St. San Francisco
Baypop 2002
9:00pm - The Mallrats
10:00pm - The Ghosts
11:00pm - The Jipsters
12:00am - SLA

These are the final Ghosts shows in the Bay area for a while. We don't know how long but this is no fucking joke so you miss these you're fucked for who knows how long, you fucking fucks.

Go fuck yourselves,

The Ghosts

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