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Monday, May 17, 2004

Mental Exercise

Meanwhile, it's now being asserted that, contrary to what he's said, Rumsfeld knew perfectly well what was happening in place like Abu Ghraib.

I'm assuming most of you have seen coverage of Rumsfeld in Iraq or talking to reporters or having forgotten ("Oh my!") to bring the exhibit listing the Pentagon's chain of command to a congressional hearing.

Let's assume the allegations that Rumsfeld approved the interrogation techniques are true. What a charade then was his trip to Iraq. What a series of lies that have been issuing from his mouth over the past week.

Guantanamo Bay

Additionally, the May issue of Harper's contains testimony from prisoners released from Camp X-Ray, where the military is apparently injecting detainees with drugs that send people into paralysis for days at a time.

There don't seem like happy fun injections. They seem like "Jacob's Ladder"/"24"/the latest in military biomedical research/probably not covered by the Geneva Convention injections that help drive prisoners to suicide.

"When we landed, an American army man kicked me hard in the back and threw me blindfolded down the stairs onto the ground ... I was interrogated again and again, and they always asked the same questions. I was exhausted and tired of living like that. I started hearing noises and seeing ghosts.

" ... they tortured me with injections. After I received an injection, my eyes would remain fixed upward, and my muscles would get stiff. I would stay like for a day and sometimes longer, until I was given another injection, which would relax me ...

"I tried to commit suicide three times there."

That's one of the four prisoners quoted in the piece, all of who mention the injections and being beaten, subjected to cold, etc. The interviews were conducted by Human Rights Watch researchers and Vivian White, a BBC reporter.

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