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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Mike Myers' Hypocrisy

Watching "24" last night, I saw not one, but two "Shrek 2" product advertisements, one for Sierra Mist and the other for Hewlett Packard.

It just boggles my mind that Mike Myers has gone from doing some of the best product placement/advertising satire I've seen* to being the most shameless product shill out there.

I just don't understand. Meanwhile, he hasn't made a good comedy since "Austin Powers." The sequels weren't movies so much as set pieces and sketch ideas sewn together and "Shrek" isn't really a comedy but a kids' movie.

He's on utter cruise control.

I'd say the odds that he ever does another project in which he's not speaking with a British or Scottish accent are 8-1.

*In "Wayne's World," with the Pepsi, Doritos and Nuprin ("little, yellow, different") spoofs, not to mention the one skit on SNL with Heather Locklear where she denies that the Holocaust ever occurred.

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