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Friday, June 18, 2004

Beer Ads

How reprehensible that Budweiser has brought back those nasty, unfunny lizards to impugn Miller spokesman Bob Odenkirk!

As you may have noticed, Odenkirk (one half of "Mr. Show with Bob and David," linked to the right) has been doing the amusing "President of Beers" commercials for Miller, the last of which featured Odenkirk describing how his grandparents constructed a refrigerator out of yarn that "wasn't very big and wasn't very cold."

Who can blame Odenkirk for picking up a paycheck with these Miller ads, seeing as network television just refuses to air his pilots?

And now Bud has their insipid lizards engaging in ad hominem attacks against him. How dare they! I call on you to Boycott Budweiser for the duration of this campaign.

When you're buying shitty beer, buy Miller.

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