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Friday, June 18, 2004

Boycott Coors

While you're not buying Budweiser, for a silly reason, make sure never to buy Coors again, for a good reason.

Joseph Coors was fundamental in establishing the one of the first conservative think tanks that skew our public discourse today. Read for yourself the words of The Heritage Foundation, which he helped found, written on the occasion of his death.

The rabid anti-environmentalism that inhabits the current administration and was personified by James Watt early in the Reagan administration originates in the movement that Coors helped start. Meanwhile Pete Coors sells beer using Nature, specifically the Colorado Rockies, for those of you who know the ads where he walks around on snowy mountaintops.

Basically, think tanks like the Heritage Foundation are where the conservative movement found "scientific" rationales for its anti-environmental agenda and fine-tuned the language that disguises its true motives. Internal memos have revealed how to this day conservatives employ language ("forest-thinning" has replaced "clear-cutting," "climate change" sounds much less alarming than "global warming") to make their policies more palatable.

If not for organizations like the Heritage Foundation, there would be no debate in American society about climate change, because they are responsible for inserting into the discussion the idea that there is not a scientific consensus on climate change as well as their pet idea that scientists' computer models are faulty and unreliable.

Coors also helped bring the Christian Right into the current political equation. You can basically draw a direct line from Joseph Coors to George W. Bush.

So, please, next time you're having a party and you need to get a lot of cheap beer, don't buy Coors, even if Safeway is having a Club Card sale, unless you're really strapped for cash, in which case, alright, but try not to do it that often.

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