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Friday, January 14, 2005

Celebrity Stuff

I have to throw a bone to the ladies who hate the sports stuff. I'm pretty sure I saw Lee Lee Sobieski at the MOMA on Wednesday. Here's why I don't like her. She's a pretentious pseudo-intellectual, which title she earned post-9/11 when she read that god-awful poem on Leno. I've searched for it online, and apparently it's not available. But it read like a really, really awful spoken word performance:

"Buildings, Falling. People, running.
Shouting, screaming, hurting, confusion
I feel this horror.
It's right there for my eye to see
I see this calamity
cannot explain this thing that has happened ... etc."

So she reads this awful poem, the name of which I discovered but can't remember, and she's Ms. Artist, and now I read in US Weekly that she's hanging out with and best buds with Paris Hilton?

You can't eat your cake and have it too
Unless you throw it up, which you probably do.

"Thinker" and "Friends with Paris Hilton" are mutually exclusive terms.

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