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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Broncos release Trevor Pryce and Mike Anderson

My response:

a) For the right price, we could use both of these guys. Pryce is a proven and, very important for the Eagles, big defense end, the kind who doesn't get run over by opposing teams' offensive lines. Anderson could be the low-priced, low-ego running back with size the Eagles need to complement Brian Westbrook, a strong runner with a good attitude who can take the ball 5-8 times a game and not complain about it.

b) With the collective bargaining deal dead, and with cap-strapped teams dumping good players like buckets of dead fish, the Eagles' much-maligned cap management strategy ain't looking too bad right now. The Eagles have gotten too much heat for being cruel to players, an issue that was for the most part put to bed a couple years ago. Now the Eagles are in prime position to return to the ranks of elite teams competing for the Super Bowl in '06 and beyond.

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