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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Lost" -- why it's on notice

US Weekly recently asked 100 people at the Rockefeller Center if they thought "Lost" was going downhill and about 65 said it was. One more sign that the natives are getting restless. (Haven't checked the Nielsens recently, but last time I did "Lost" wasn't in the top 20.)

I'll lay it out very plainly for the people at "Lost" and ABC. I don't think viewer dissatisfaction has anything to do with the show itself, which has had its ups and downs this season but has nonetheless been pretty f'ing cool. The problem is that the producers are putting out just one new episode per month and then drowning viewers in repeats. It's impossible to build any kind of momentum as a viewer. And this is a show that needs momentum and continuity, given the number of characters and the complexity of the plot. Plus, this show has achieved its success precisely because it has its audience begging for more, waiting eagerly for each new episode, wanting to find out what the secret of the island is. But if the viewer is kept waiting for a couple weeks, he naturally tones down his expectations and with it, his interest level, to keep from wasting his time and energy walking mental circles around the puzzle the show's creators have set in motion.

I just don't get the thinking here. "24" waited until they'd filmed an entire season so that they can show it without interruption. It might not be possible for the people behind "Lost" to do that, but they should at least wait to show a new episode until they have a few in the can, so they can reel off 4 in a row before going into repeats.

It's not rocket science, and ABC is losing ad revenues, presumably, as the ratings for "Lost" decline.

Also, one quick wag of the finger regarding the show itself. A few weeks back the suspected Other whom Locke and the rest have imprisoned tried to play Locke off of Jack by asking him why he lets Jack boss him around. What a deadly cliche that is. Worse, the writers had Locke fall for it, as evidenced by his outburst of anger when he swept the pots and pans off the hatch's kitchen counter (another cliche). With all we've been shown about how smart Locke is, we're supposed to believe he'd fall for the oldest trick in the Captive's Big Book of Strategy? Get real.

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