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Friday, July 07, 2006

"Lost" once more

As soon as I wrote the posts below at the end of the second season, my theories became pretty much obsolete, as the "alternative reality game" that's being played out online, run by the show's producers, has offered up such a slew of information it's almost impossible to keep track of it all. It makes the four-toed statue in the season finale seem like a tossed-off, irrelevant joke.

Lostpedia is where to start. Here they break down all the clues for you.

To give an idea of how pitiful your attempts to the figure the show out are, check out this theory from a fan in the U.K. Most of it is wrong, but some of it (remote viewing) could wind up playing a big role when the truth is unveiled and all of it is thought-provoking and involved. Bear in mind that this guy wrote this theory only half-way through the second season, because they watch the show on a delay of a few months over there. Here's another version of the theory.

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