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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Times soft-pedals pedofile senator news

As more information emerges about this Rep. Foley who lusted after teenaged male pages, the Times chooses to run a story in which they interview a few former pages titled, "Former Pages Recall Foley as Caring Ally."

So they found some former pages who the guy did't hit on. Who cares? There's already ample evidence that a) the guy went after some of them b) and there was a possible bribe to cover it up.

And one of the pages who testified to Foley's character was female. Well, a guy who's prompted warning to male Republican pages for 5 years and who attempts IM sex with teenage boys probably isn't interested in harassing women.

In light of all the developments in this case, the fact that a few pages say the guy was a "caring ally" doesn't strike me as essential to the story or its advancement.

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