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Friday, February 02, 2007

Big trouble for Andy Reid's kids


What looked like a kind of nothing story about the twin sons of Eagles coach Andy Reid is now more of a full-blown story: In separate traffic incidents the same day, both of them found with heroin and heroin paraphenalia; one of them brandished a handgun at another motorist, and the other hospitalized a woman in an accident while driving under the influence of heroin and was found with scales, the kind used if you not only use heroin but sell it.

Andy and Tammy Reid cut short their California vacation Wednesday. The Big Avocado cannot happy right now.

The Reid twins have a history of speeding violations and traffic accidents, as well. INot that's necessarily a precursor to this sort of behavior.

I had a bunch of accidents when I was a teenager, but they were all of the single-vehicle variety: driving too fast and hitting a patch of black ice, plowing into a pine tree; stupidly speeding away from a harmless episode of trampoline-related trespassing, plowing into the curb at a fork in the road; driving too fast entering a highway onramp, plowing into a curb; driving off the side of a highway, going up a rocky embankment and nearly flipping over.

In retrospect, I probably needed some sort of ADHD medication.

But I did manage to stay away from weapons and heroin.

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