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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was browsing SNL's videos and found the above bit, which I missed the first time around. Pretty funny. They've also got most of the Digital Shorts up there. One they don't have is the "Dear Sister" one from 2007, one of my favorites.

I looked for it elsewhere online but couldn't find it. Maybe they're having copyright issues. While searching for it I learned that it was actually a parody of a scene from the second-season finale of "The O.C." I'd had no idea what the short was based on, since I wisely stopped watching "The O.C." after the first couple episodes. I'd just thought it was bizarre and funny.

Though you apparently can't watch "Dear Sister," you can watch this version of it, which is mostly the same, except some kid inserted himself into it.

[Update: Poor googling by me. Here's a link to the real version of SNL's "Dear Sister." Somehow the corporate overlords at NBC haven't found this guy yet.]

If you haven't gone to SNL's site, it's pretty well-organized and user-friendly. Aside from obvious ones like "Dick in a Box" and "Lazy Sunday," other good shorts include "Space Olympics" and "Andy's Dad."

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