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Thursday, February 12, 2009


This post contains spoilers about Wednesday night's episode of "Lost," so if you're a "Lost" fan and haven't seen it, read no further.

That said, when they release Season 5 on DVD, they should include a small grenade that you can implant in your skull "Total Recall"-style, with a string coming out your nose attached to the pin that you can pull once "This Place Is Death" is over. It was a mind-shredder.

Meanwhile, ratings for the show are down, apparently, which isn't that big a surprise. I'm a fully committed "Lost" nerd, so I'm willing to put up with these confusing time-travel shenanigans, but I'm sure there are people who are giving up, temporarily or permanently. And part of me is skeptical about this time-skipping narrative and whether a) it'll ever fully make sense and b) it's first and foremost a storytelling ploy to fill up the penultimate season that could've been done away with, if the writers had so chosen.

Nonetheless, a couple big payoffs so far. Here's my episode grades through episode five:

"Because You Left/The Lie" -- B+
It was decent, but "Lost" premieres and finales are usually stellar, so the bar is set pretty high, and for a two-hour episode, not enough seemed to happen.

"Jughead" -- A
Kablammo. We see the Others on the Island in the 1950s, and Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking are among them.

"The Little Prince" -- B-
Bit of a snooze.

"This Place Is Death" -- A+
The Smoke Monster resides in the Temple! And rips some dude's arm off. And apparently possessed Rousseau's baby daddy. And Charlotte confirms she was on the Island as a child and remembers Daniel being there! And Locke goes down and turns the wheel. Kaboom. Crash. Splat. Kerpow. Beep beep beep beep. Eee-ooh. Eee-ooh. Eee-ooh.

Kind of a bummer to see Charlotte go, incidentally. She hadn't been given much to do lately, other than bleed through the nose and fall down, but her performance here was really good. Luckily, this is the Island, and she can always be resurrected.

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