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Saturday, March 21, 2009

AIG bonus mess

Haven't had anything to add about this week's controversy over the AIG bonuses. I think it's clear, as Atrios, Josh Marshall, Paul Krugman and others have pointed out, that Obama will remain tethered to Tim Geithner and Larry Summers at his own peril. And if their failures -- which appear to be ideological in Summers' case; Geithner's problem seems to be that he is inextricably bound up in culture and mindset of the Wall Street institutions whose collapse he's trying to fix and he is incapable of viewing the problem in the manner in which it needs to be viewed -- eventually hamstring the rest of Obama's domestic agenda, then he will deserve whatever damage is done to his presidency.

UPDATE: Oy. I wrote that before seeing Friday's story in the New York Times on the Treasury's plan for the banks and then the reaction to that plan.

Incidentally, when the story of Tim Geithner's tenure with the Obama administration is told, as a dark comedy, I want Kevin McDonald to play the title role.

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