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Friday, March 13, 2009

Different take on Stewart vs. Cramer

The liberal blogs are aflutter over Jon Stewart's humiliation of Jim Cramer last night on "The Daily Show," but I don't feel like taking part in the victory celebration.

I thought Stewart came off looking like a jerk. Most of the points he made were valid -- e.g., "CNBC" basically functions as a cheerleader for Wall Street and fails to investigate or question any possible malfeasance -- but watching Stewart harangue Cramer, who barely offered any opposition, was painful and off-putting. Cramer agreed to venture into hostile territory, and Stewart should have been a more graceful gracious host. He could have gotten his point of view across while having an actual conversation, rather than cutting Cramer off and lecturing him. I'm not defending Cramer, but it's not like he's singlehandedly responsible for the media's failure to uncover the fraud and irresponsibility on Wall Street, which is how Stewart treated him.

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