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Monday, June 22, 2009

A mostly sentence-fragment, mini non-review review: "The Hangover"

Good, not great. Directed by Todd Phillips, who also did "Old School." Similar in tone to "Old School" but not as funny overall.

Nice to see Ed Helms, arguably the most underrated correspondent ever on "The Daily Show," get a breakout role, following up on his part in "The Office."

Bradley Cooper seems hell-bent on erasing any memory of his role as the wimpy male friend on "Alias." Played an asshole in "Wedding Crashers," and he plays a dick here. Actually, he plays the role of the rogue that Vince Vaughn commanded in "Old School." But where Vaughn made his morally off-kilter alpha dog endearing, Cooper isn't quite so likable. Still, he does a pretty good job. Would be interesting to see him dial down the dick factor a few notches though. He has the looks and charm to be a comedic leading man.

Best lines belong to Zach Galifianakis, who plays a sort of half-retarded man-child. Out of his element on a frat guy-style Vegas weekend, but he takes to the enterprise with enthusiasm, social ineptitude be damned. The groom himself, played by Justin Bartha, might as well have been cast with a street sign. The plot -- the three groomsmen try to find their lost groom after a night of uber-debauchery -- dictates he doesn't get much to do.

Mike Tyson's cameo is pretty funny. Hope the money he got for it put a dent in his legal bills.

Got some quibbles with various aspects of the plot but they're not worth getting into. Do think the goofy Asian gangster person they wind up pissing off lets them off the hook just a tad too easily, given the circumstances. And the groom's wife is way more mellow than mine would have been as she receives increasingly dire dispatches from the road indicating the wedding has gone completely off the rails. (Who actually has bachelor parties these days right before their wedding? People who are involved in movies with plots that demand it, that's who. And retards.)

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