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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Liberals and Palin

Conservative pundits will just continue to hammer away with the idea that liberals detest Palin because of her class and so-called family values. Rich Lowry made his contribution today:

Before she had been on the national stage five minutes -- before the Katie Couric interview, before the Tina Fey parodies -- she had earned the eternal enmity of the liberal elite for the affront of who she was: a working-class, pro-life woman with decidedly red-state mores.

Wrong. Liberals have nothing whatsoever against working-class people, who form much of the support of the Democratic Party. Barack Obama and Joe Biden grew up in working class families. And liberals have no problem with the idea of engaging in respectful debate with a pro-life woman or someone with "red-state mores."

Liberals grew to loathe Palin -- once they heard what she had to say, and not before* -- because of her distinct combination of ignorance and arrogance. That was basically it, except perhaps for a sprinkling of disgust and bemusement over the way most male conservatives fawned over her.

*Though we were certainly suspicious of her from the start, given her lack of experience and the bizarre way the McCain campaign seemed to have chosen her and went about introducing her.

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