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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Worthless moderates

Is there anything worse, in American politics, than a conservative or "moderate" Democrat? I'm starting to think there isn't. They've watered down and blocked the cap-and-trade bill, they're obstructing health care reform ... how about voting in lockstep with the Glorious Leader President, like the Republicans mostly did from 2000-2008?

Being a Democrat is supposed to be about values: helping people get a fair shake, not starting wars with every Middle Eastern leader who looks at you funny, etc. But a Democrat who has no values that rank higher than making sure things go smoothly for his big-business political contributors is a truly corrupt and despicable creature.

At least Republicans stand for something: Don't take my money; I hate Mexicans; bomb the foreigners; women are not allowed to have sex, unless it's with me; we must all worship Jesus* and his sidekick, the Free Market Fairy.

I'm getting tired of watching these spineless blobs.

*Though we will not model any policies on his teachings.

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