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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday NFL blogging

-- Note to NFL cornerbacks: When Miles Austin catches an out or a stop-fade along the sideline, he gets low and pivots to the outside. So you may want to try tackling him by the waist or legs, not his shoulderpads. Then again, Austin is on my fantasy team, so maybe just keep doing what you're doing and allowing him to break free for touchdowns.

-- That was a spectacular implosion by the Dolphins on that last drive against the Saints. Eagles-esque. Well done, gentlemen.

-- The fact that the Jets abducted the Raiders and kept them stashed in a shack in the backyard, raping them repeatedly, 38-0, makes the Eagles loss to the Raiders 9 days ago just a tad more ... interesting, as Larry David would say. Just a little ... interesting, that's all.

-- The Eagles offense has the same problems it's always had, the ones that make it difficult to win Super Bowls. I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, but when you combine a hideously flawed offensive philosophy, shaky play-calling and probably the most inaccurate QB ever to make multiple Pro Bowls, you're going to get stretches of really shitty offense every year. Same thing happened last year (Bengals, Ravens, Redskins) and the year before (much of that forgettable 8-8 season), and the year before that (Jaguars, Titans, Colts).

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