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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday NFL blogging

-- Quan Cosby, the rookie WR from Texas, had a great block on the kickoff return TD that was crucial to the Bengals' defeat of the Steelers. He hustled downfield and was the only Bengal who was in a position to help Bernard Scott once he got inside the Steelers' 30, getting just enough of the closest defender to Scott before peeling off and leveling a second guy who was pursuing.

-- I'm kind of at loss with Ice Cube's remarks on Al Davis. Seems that, like most Raiders fans, he's living at least 20 years in the past.

-- I'm perplexed by these commercials for Alyssa Milano's new line of NFL clothes for the ladies and, apparently, little dogs. There's this slow-motion shot of Milano wearing one of her outfits, hair blowing, while shimmery music plays in the background, where you really think it's got to be a joke, but by the end you realize no this isn't a joke or parody -- someone decided this was a good idea for a commercial. Which is a little weird, because the product itself seems like not such a bad idea. I don't know a single woman who would wear this stuff, but my understanding is there's lots of women across this great land who are hard-core fans and deck themselves out in jerseys, and why wouldn't they want to class it up a bit with the fashion concepts of a C-movie actress?

-- When Peyton Manning threw a pass Sunday night at a receiver's feet, Chris Collinsworth compared it to Haley's Comet, because that's how rare a pass that terrible is for him. For Donovan McNabb, that's a weekly occurrence. One of the many reasons it's torture to be an Eagles fan.

-- I like Peter King. He's good at what he does, and he seems like a nice guy. I read "Monday Morning QB" religiously. But sometimes when he talks about non-NFL subjects, it gets uncomfortable. Yesterday he raved about a new John Grisham short-story collection and said he's read every book Grisham has ever written. I wish I could erase this knowledge from my brain. My last Grisham experience came a few years ago when my wife and I had to drive to from SF to LA and on a whim got the audiobook of "King of Torts," thinking it would be a mindless way to pass the time. It was so bad we turned it off after 20 minutes.

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