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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"


I listened to this song the other day because it's on the Christmas mix on my iPod, and I have to say it could just as easily be called "Prelude to a Sex Crime." I get that the woman in this tune is torn between knowing she should leave and wanting to stay, but the man's persistence is downright creepy -- the part with the drink gives away his evil intentions. She's lucky to have escaped with her life.

PROSECUTOR: Tell us what happened next.
VICTIM: He kept telling me how cold it was outside.
PROSECUTOR: And was it cold?
VICTIM: I mean, it was cold, but nothing out of the ordinary. It's winter in New England. It's always cold.
PROSECUTOR: And did there come a point where you became frightened?
VICTIM: Yes. I asked him for "half a drink" more, at which point he asked me to put some music on while he fixed it for me.
PROSECUTOR: Then what happened?
VICTIM: The drink tasted funny. I asked him what was in it, but he didn't respond. All he said was, "No cabs to be had out there."
PROSECUTOR: Do you think he was trying to distract you by having you put on the music while he made the drink?
DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Objection! Calls for speculation.

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