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Friday, December 04, 2009

Career advice

Last night Larry King featured a segment where Magic Johnson and Tony Robbins provided advice on how to get back on your feet in the midst of a recession.

Because if there's two people whose experiences can help the average American, it's a basketball player who used the millions he made during his Hall of Fame career to launch some businesses and a motivational guru who owes his success to the fact that he either is certifiably insane or was born without the capacity for feeling shame.* We haven't figured out which.

Out of morbid curiosity, I flipped the audio channel on my exercise bike at the gym in time to hear Magic say, with the utmost gravity, that it's in times like this that people need to think "outside the box." He said this as if it were a revelation. For instance, if you own an event company, you might consider a partnership with another event company that does different types of gigs. So I hope all the millions of event company owners out there were listening last night. Thanks for the public service, Larry.

*Not to mention the hypnotic effect of his blindingly white teeth.

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