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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interesting strategy

Until today, I didn't know that Domino's makes really crappy pizza. Or made really crappy pizza, the company's new self-flagellating ads tell me.

Domino's isn't French Laundry or anything, but not being a connoisseur of mass-market pizza, it had never occurred to me that it was much worse than places like Pizza Hut, Papa John's or Little Caesars. Apparently, it was. Apparently, they built a massively successful pizza operation by selling people really terrible pizza. They cut corners. They spat in the eye of the customers.

So now Domino's has decided to put out a delivered food product that isn't terrible, which is good, I suppose, but they've also placed a thought in my head that wasn't there before: Domino's sucks.

It's an unusual strategy. But in light of the buzz the ads appear to be generating, it may very well work.

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