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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend football notes

At some point during the Saints-Cardinals game, Tony Siragusa said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "The Saints are doing an excellent job of mixing the run and the pass. The defense has no idea what's coming." Alex, what are "Words that will never be use to describe an Andy Reid offense"?

Reggie Bush has spent the first few years of his career not getting it, as far as the mental approach he needs to have to be a good NFL player. Saturday he looked like he's gotten it.

Psst, Baltimore! You've been ignoring everyone who's said this the past couple years -- and literally it's been everyone -- but you should think about drafting a wide receiver.

Here, in approximate order, are the guys I'd rather have than Donovan McNabb if I could sign any QB in the NFL to a four-year contract:

1) Peyton Manning
2) Drew Brees
3) Phillip Rivers
4) Tom Brady
5) Aaron Rodgers
6) Ben Roethlisberger
7) Tony Romo
8) Matt Ryan
9) Eli Manning (He's been up and down since the Super Bowl, but he's still done what McNabb hasn't: won a championship and played flawlessly in an NFC Championship Game victory.)

I'm not including Brett Favre and Kurt Warner because they're not likely to be around in two years, though they're both clearly better than McNabb right now.

The following guys are roughly in the same class as McNabb in this four-year scenario:
Matthew Stafford (Saw enough his rookie year to think he'll be a good player)
Kevin Kolb (He's ready to start)
Mark Sanchez (Ditto No. 10)
Joe Flacco (Shaky sophomore year, but still plenty of upside)
Matt Cassell (First year in KC on a terrible team doesn't preclude future success)
Vince Young (Good comeback this year)
Jay Cutler (As God-awful as he was this year, he has the ability to bounce back)
Josh Freeman (Upside)

Just missing the cut:
David Garrard
Chad Henne
Carson Palmer

If your team's QB isn't included above, you may be in trouble.

UPDATE: Gosh I'm loving this Dallas-Minnesota game. My only complaint: Where's Jerry Jones? I would have loved a reaction shot after the Ben Leber interception.

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