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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The art of sitting down

ANNOUNCER: For more on Tim Tebow and where he may be taken in the draft, let's go to Steve McTrite.

MCTRITE: Jim, I had a chance to sit down with Tim Tebow this week. I didn't talk to him. We just sat down and then gazed intently at each other for a few seconds. But I have to tell you I came away impressed. He is a very polished sitter. His mechanics are smooth. He's really tightened up his delivery as far as getting his buttocks onto the chair. I won't be at all surprised if someone takes a chance on him late in the first round.


ANNOUNCER: Our own Steve McTrite had a chance to sit down with Tebow this week. Steve, what did you find out?

MCTRITE: Well, not much, Jim.

ANNOUNCER: Steve, you must have learned something.

MCTRITE: I suppose I learned that he has a firm handshake and a steady gaze.

ANNOUNCER: Ha ha! Seriously though, Steve. He didn't say anything that would be of interest to the millions of people who are watching our program right now?

MCTRITE: We didn't really talk, Jim. We introduced ourselves, and that was pretty much it.

ANNOUNCER: Steve, your job there was to have a conversation with him.

MCTRITE: That's not what I was told, Jim. I was told to sit down with him, and that's what I did. We sat down, we looked at each other for a little while, and then I got up and left.

ANNOUNCER: It appears you took your instructions too literally, Steve. And you've caused me, and this network, no small measure of embarrassment.

MCTRITE: Perhaps I did. And I suppose I have.

ANNOUNCER: I'm going to take the liberty of firing you. I'm sure our producers will be okay with it.

MCTRITE: Sounds terrific.

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