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Friday, June 04, 2010

Notes from the bathroom

As I get older, I get more sensitive, not less, to sharing restrooms with other members of the human race. I remember thinking back in the day that George Costanza's obsession on "Seinfeld" with getting his own bathroom where he worked was funny, but now I truly understand where he was coming from.

Here's a new rule for the restroom at work: No loud sighing, groaning or farting while you're at the urinal if there's someone else in the bathroom. Some guys come into that restroom and it's like they need to exorcise all their accumulated cares and frustrations. It must be a dramatic struggle for these people to sit at their desks all day, bottling up their misery and flatulence, waiting until they visit the men's room to unload their emotional and physical waste.

Better to fart in the bathroom than at your desk, of course, but maybe try to keep the sound effects to a minimum when there's other people around.

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