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Saturday, August 21, 2010


After a brilliant touchdown run made it seem like his skills had returned, prompting certain individuals to write bizarre blog posts, it turned out Michael Vick has forgotten how to throw a football.

49ers coach Mike Singletary, a Texas native, is the only real person I've ever seen who says "Looky here" (pronouncing the second word "hee-uh"). He says it often. I find this interesting.

Some columnist, I forget who, recently suggested Packers cornerback Charles Woodson might wind up in the Hall of Fame. Please. If that happens, it would be a travesty. The guy loafed it his first 10 years in the league and then turned it on the last couple years in Green Bay. He's one of the most overrated players in recent NFL history. I remember him getting beat routinely during his time in Oakland. I did a quick search for his highlights online and couldn't find a comprehensive reel, just stuff from 2009 and a lot of stuff from college. Know why? Because it doesn't exist. He had the talent to be one of the great DBs of all time, but he didn't aspire to that. With his ability, he should have a Deion Sanders-esque highlight reel. He doesn't.

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