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Monday, August 16, 2010

Golf, and my hatred of it

The centerpiece on ESPN.com right has the headline, "A trap of his own design," and the subhead, "It's OK to hurt for Dustin Johnson, says Gene Wojciechowski. Just know that's he got only himself to blame."

I think that summary was written specifically to prevent me from clicking on the link. I'm not hurting for Dustin Johnson, but if I were hurting, I don't think I'd need Gene Wojahoosknut's permission to do so. And why does Gene Wojachowskinville need to get all tough and moralistic on young Dustin Johnson? Way to take a stand, Gene Worshinghammski!

I actually saw the shot in question, having flipped on the tournament for about five minutes. It didn't look like a sandtrap, but it's hard to tell with all those idiotic spectators crowded so tightly around the ball, hoping to be part of the action. One of these days a golfer's going to be unnerved by the claustrophobic crowd and shank a shot like that right into someone's face. My favorite part though came milliseconds after Johnson hit the ball, when everyone around him shouted euphorically as if they knew it was a good shot. One clown rushed to where Johnson had struck the ball, whooping and hollering with his fingers held aloft in victory signs. Except it wasn't a good shot. He'd sent it into the rough left of the green. Morons.

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