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Monday, September 27, 2010

Football blogging

Mike McCarthy basically lost the game for the Packers tonight when he challenged that fumble by James Jones right before the two-minute warning. By the time he'd thrown his challenge flag, replays had shown the ball and the Bear who recovered it had clearly stayed in bounds. The score was tied, the Bears had the ball near midfield, and the Packers had the two-minute stoppage and all three timeouts. Even if the Packers D allowed a field goal, those four timeouts could certainly provide enough time for Aaron Rodgers to drive for a game-tying field goal. Instead, the Packers coach challenged the call and lost a timeout. Following a pass interference penalty, the Bears were able to run the clock down to eight seconds before kicking a field goal. The Pack got unlucky there, and that penalty significantly hurt their chances of tying the game. Still, if they'd kept the timeout, they would have at least had a chance with 40 seconds or so to attempt a tying drive. Wow, did I just write all that? It must have been very boring to read.

Speaking of the Packers, is there a better last name for an NFL linebacker than Zombo? I'm not aware of one.

Can you believe those jackholes who criticized Andy Reid for benching Kevin Kolb in favor of Mike Vick? Man, what were they smoking?

Drafting Joe McKnight sure is working out for the Jets, huh? They let Leon Washington go and replaced him with McKnight, who's been a total bust. Then the other day, to make room to resign WR David Clowney, they released RB Danny Woodhead, whom the coaches loved because of his toughness, no doubt because GM Mike Tannenbaum couldn't admit making a mistake with McKnight. Washington went berserk for the Seahawks on Sunday, and Woodhead ran for a nifty 22-yard touchdown for the Patriots.

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